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- In the ftp directory, I have sip_326and sip_326which is being used now.

- There is also sip_401and sip_401which I want to upgrade too.

So that makes three things: - --the "brain-reader" that is loaded into the phone so it can read the files.

Don't forget, you still need to point your phone to use a and a that will work for your model of phone, and for your new bootrom.

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If you have old phones (who are not capable of the new bootrom), they will make an attempt at the upgrade and then ignore it, so you can save your phones some hassle by removing the bootrom-upgrader when you are finished.[update] Another thing to notice is that any phone using UCS 3.3.x and upwards will no longer use your or phone1and will either manually convert your files or utility the cfc Utility that comes with the UCS Download.For those phones, you need to remove their files so the phone will use 000000000000instead.For the upgrade process, the phones do not boot from the "upgrader" - they boot from their regular sip configurations, that is, the file and its accompanying file.

After that, they check to see if any upgrader files are present, and then they load those too.000000000000will direct the phone to use a particular and particular because the phone will look up its model number there., the device tree source files (in dts subdir) and so on.This was contradictory to our testing in December 2009 which Not being the type to just let these sorts of claims to go unchallenged, we went back to our testing lab, grabbed the affected model machines, running 10.6.6. Related: See All Upgrades Compatible with Your Mac with My Upgrades Tool The results were the same as in 2009, lending credence to our conclusions, but the sheer number of claims to the contrary led us to continue searching—and the trail ended at Apple.