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The expert can help us enormously at certain key junctures in that process, but most of it we simply have to do for ourselves.

Content can certainly be a huge help to us through the processes, but it has to be a type of content that is most amenable to the trial and error, the exploration, and the intuitive leaps of recognition and synthesis that are fundamental to that journey, and that is text. The iterative process of refining our mental models until they fit the world as we are discovering it and trying to manipulate it requires us to range broadly and often erratically across a large body of information.

With AIs, you could theoretically stay on the line for hours at minimal cost to the provider. But there are lots of problems that you would not even think of trying to solve in a conversation with tech support.

Command line interfaces, whether visual or verbal, still have the same problem they have always had: they don’t support discovery and exploration.Here’s why: No, I don’t mean that they are a stupid idea. ) Human do this so easily we rarely even notice that the ambiguity exists. As Brian Bergstein points out in The Great AI Paradox (also AI and computer science at MIT, says it would be more helpful to describe the developments of the past few years as having occurred in “computational statistics” rather than in AI.One of the leading researchers in the field, Yann Le Cun, Facebook’s director of AI, said at a Future of Work conference at MIT in November that machines are far from having “the essence of intelligence.” That includes the ability to understand the physical world well enough to make predictions about basic aspects of it—to observe one thing and then use background knowledge to figure out what other things must also be true. In fact, we have had chatbots you can type at for a long time.And suddenly every tech comm and content strategy conference seems to be about getting your content ready for chatbots. Chatbots are sexy and sex sells, even if the definition of sexy is a grey box with a speaker sitting on the counter.